Electrical Gear and Transformers

In addition to what’s shown here, we have a number of explosion proof switch racks and related equipment. Our main power distribution station, which backs up to the utility’s 66 kV system, will be available for sale shortly. Our electrical superintendent can describe all this equipment to you.

Substation Equipment

Two GE 2300V Motor Control Centers, including one spare starter, as pictured.

GE 2300V motor control centers
GE 2300-480V 1,250 kVA Heavy Duty Dry Type Substation Transformer. Copper windings with secondary disconnect.
GE 2300 480V kVA Heavy Switch Spare

TIC/Houston Vacuum Breaker. Served as the primary disconnect for the above transformer. Rebuilt in August 1995 and basically on stand-by since then.TIC Houston Vacuum Breaker dry types transformer

Powell switch gear: inquire.

tic houston switch


refinery transformers for sale
Several electric power transformers of various sizes suitable for re-use. These non-PCB units are not being sold for scrap. Scrap metal dealers need not call at this time.

SUNBELT / A.T.S. 500 kVA

refinery sunbelt 500 kva

Sunbelt / A.T.S. 12.5kV – 480Y/277V, 601 A. Class OA

  • Weights:
    4500 lbs total
    2100 lbs oil
  • No. ST79052673

ABB 1000 kVA

refinery abb 1000 kva

ABB 2400V – 480Y/277V, 1203 A. Type RSL.

  • OA : 1,000 kVa @ 55C 1,120 kVa @ 65C
  • FFA: 1,150 kVa @ 55C 1,288 kVa @ 65C

Manufactured 10-93. Never installed.

  • Weights:
    6762 lbs total
    1860 lbs oil
    2377 lbs case
    2525 lbs coils
  • Two available.
  • No. PAA3674-0101 and one other.


general electric 500 kva

General Electric 2400V – 480V. Class OA.

  • Weights:
    4400 lbs total
    1100 lbs oil
    1400 lbs tank and fittings
    1900 lbs interior
  • No. L718298 TBNA

Single-Phase 25 kVA Switch

refinery moloney 25 kva

  • Moloney Electric 2400/Y4160 V to 120/240V, single phase. Type KL
  • General Electric switch CR-2811R1B


refinery research cottrell for sale

Research-Cottrell rectifying transformer for an electrostatic precipitator. Class OA.

32 kVA 480V – 53.5kV, 0.6A. Rectifyer 45kV average, 70kV peak. 0.5A, 22.5 kW average.

  • Weights:
    2350 lbs total
    1250 lbs oil
  • No. SIRT-66-8

G & W Switch

refinery transformer gw plate

G&W Electric Specialty switch, 15kV – 200A. Type 1FLDR
No. 1FLDR372